Learn to Swim:

  • Parent and Child
    (6 m-under 3 yrs old)
    Parent must be in water
  • Tiny tots (ages 3-4 yrs old) (3 students/class)
  • Beginners 5-7 yrs old (up to 5 students/class)
  • Beginners 7-11 yrs old (up to 6 students/class)
  • Beginners Preteen/young adult
  • Intermediate (stroke technique) (up to 8 swimmers/class)
  • Advanced (stroke efficiency) (up to 8 swimmers/class)
  • Adult Beginners
  • Adult Stroke Technique
  • Swim Clinics Available



8 swim lessons/month meeting 2 times/wk

 8 x 45 min instruction with

15 min warm up/play in jacuzzi

$200.00 includes tax

NOTE: TT Classes are $250

Classes are made up of:

45 min instructional with 15 min play/warm up in jacuzzi

3-5 swimmers/class.

Tiny Tot (TT) classes are for ages 3-4 and have no more than 3 swimmers.   This class allows for more assistance and individual attention.  An older child may require a TT class if they are very inexperienced and/or fearful.

These lesson dates and times are all prearranged before the

start of the first lesson allowing for a more affordable rate.

All group lessons are paid by the session.

Your PAYMENT IS DUE  before the first lesson.

Makeups MAY be available but not guaranteed if weather situations !

No refunds for missed classes

Scheduled Class Lessons occur from the Spring to Fall of each Calendar year.

During this time of the year Private Lessons are difficult to arrange.

Call for your own Private Lesson during the off season.

Should you request a Private during the "BUSY" Season,

you may do so by buying one of the

"scheduled blocks" for $360 at our rate of $60/hr.

What's next for U.S. Masters Swimming

In 1968 Dr. Ransom Arthur published "Swimming and Cardiovascular fitness in the older age group". Dr. Arthur was obsessed with the belief that adults should swim for fun, fitness and fellowship. Decad...

USMS Masters Swim Practice


Practice times:

Morning Practices

8:45-10:15 am Tues/Thurs


Register Today for annual membership expiring

Dec 31th of each calendar year

What is US Masters Swimming??

Check it out at:

Choose your Commitment:

1. Monthly Membership= $75 for unlimited practices

2. Drop in Fee = $10/visit (capped at $75 for the month)

$25 One time JAWS Club Registration (receive swim cap/stickers/luggage tag)

Mandatory Requirement before participation

$42 USMS Club Registration (Annual)

Register at



Creating an 8 week Beginner to Advanced 5k or 10K training program to prepare you for your event. If you have a race in mind, I can create a program for you.

*RRCA Certified Running Coach

Next on site group training session:

Levels: Beginner (new to the sport), Recreational, Competitive

Begins: TBA

Meets: Mon/Wed 5pm Sat optional

Cost: $125

This program is designed for the non-runner who wants to learn how to run. We will begin with the basics of running: terminology, breathing, pacing, form etc. If you ever thought about trying to run...this is the group for you!

We will have another group for those that just want to "RUN" and need the motivation and training regime.

Reserve YOUR space


24 hr Cancellation Policy

(you'll be charged $10 for no shows)


$10/class BYOB Rate

Punch Cards Available

(10th class FREE)

50:50 ( 30 min SPIN x 30 min TRX)

Monday 8:30-10:00am.


Wednesday 8:30-9:30 pm

Friday 8:30-9:30am

Join us by the Pool over looking the Ocean for an outdoor training session that's sure to get you moving. Only 5 bikes/straps available so you must call/email to reserve a bike/strap at least 24 hr in advance. There is also a 24 hr cancellation policy to allow for others the chance to use one of the bikes. If you reserved a bike and fail to show up, you will be charged the class fee of $12.

You may also bring your own bike and trainer (BYOB) for only $10/class. 


Please note private lessons are difficult to arrange during our

"busy season" Spring-Fall of each year.

Cancellation Policy:

Please call 24 hrs in advance if you will not be showing up to your private lesson. A full fee will be charged for no shows. Half your lesson fee will be charged for lessons cancelled within the 24 hr period.

Thank you for your understanding!

Child Learn to swim (Parent & Child/Tiny Tots/Beginners)

$60/hr @ private session (1 swimmer)

$30/hr @ buddy session (2 swimmers)

$20/hr @ class session (3-5 swimmers)

Swim Clinic 8 hr Workshop (broken up into 2 x 4hr days)

$500/hr private class

Each additional swimmer has a $20 charge

ie. 2 swimmers/class = 1 x $20 + $500 = $260/swimmer

3 swimmers/class = 2 x $20 + $500 = $ 180/swimmer

4 swimmers/class = 3 x $20 + $500 = $140/swimmer

5 swimmers/class = 4 x $20 + $500 = $116/swimmer

6 swimmers/class = 5x$20 + $500 = $600/6 = $100/swimmer

Adult (learn to swim and/or technique) or Intermediate/Advanced

$60/hr private

Each additional swimmer has a $12 charge

ie 2 swimmers/class = 1 x $12 + $60 = $72/2 = $36/hr/swimmer

or 3 swimmers/class = 2 x $12 + $60 = $84/3 = $28/hr/swimmer

or 4 swimmers/class = 3 x $12 + $60 = $96/4 = $24/hr/swimmer